Embrace your power

Surrendering slave


– a greater part of our lives than we care to admit?

You are invited on a playful journey to explore the potential for growth, healing and pleasure in playing consciously with power, December 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. After last year’s success, your guides on this exploration into new and intriguing realms of possibility are again Calle Rehbinder and Ruby May.

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50 Shades of Rainbow

We are living in very exciting times. Tantra, BDSM, polyamory, queer and many other terms that were recently unknown to most people, have become household words. Suddenly we can buy books about BDSM in the local supermarkets.

Some will just read the books and continue their lives as usual. But some become more curious. How can I integrate these new dimensions into my life in an empowering, healthy and conscious way? Is it possible? We say it is and are excited to share it with you!

We want to give you easy access to your own power, to previously unexplored reservoirs of limitless creativity, personal growth, adventure, deep and satisfying pleasure – and hilarious fun. You can have all that – we have some of the tools for it, and we are happy to share.

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Some questions we address:

  • How powerful do you feel in your relationships and in the world?
  • When do you feel the most powerful and powerless?
  • Is it possible to find power through surrender?
  • What is my authentic style of dominance?
  • Is it possible to effectively change your social status through body language?
  • Can erotic power play bring more consciousness to unconscious power dynamics between you and your partner?
  • How can erotic power play inject more juiciness, playfulness and creativity into your relationship?

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Who can attend this workshop?

This is a workshop specifically for couples of any sexual persuasion who are interested in exploring power dynamics in their relationships. If you are straight, queer, poly, just friends, or whatever kind of sexual relationship you have – you can join this workshop and benefit from it.

Find out more about this workshop here!

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